Public transport

The EPFL campus is located in zone 12 from the Mobilis tariff community of Vaud, close to the railway stations of Lausanne, Renens and Morges.


EPFL staff can ask for a 15% subsidy on monthly and annual regional passes in Lausanne, Neuchâtel and Sion



EPFL staff members can ask for a 15% subsidy on the GA travelcard (global pass in Switzerland) or a free half-fare travelcard

Public transport services for the Lausanne region, the Mobilis tariff community and all SBB Direct Services (including international tickets).

Accueil (CM 1 364) on the Esplanade. Tel. +41 (0)21 693 53 95.

Mo-Th: 10h-14h / 14h30-16h45. Fr: 10h-14h / 14h30-16h15. Sa-Su: closed.

Find the TL point of sale at EPFL


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The price list for your travel pass, whichever one it is, depends primarily of your profile

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Online timetable

Railway stations in Renens, Morges and Lausanne are the closest to the Ecublens EPFL campus

Online timetable

Metro M1 and bus line 31 connect EPFL campus to the cities of Renens and Lausanne

Online timetable (FR)

Bus line 701 connect EPFL campus to the city of Morges and the Bourdonnette neighborhood (Lausanne), and bus line 705 stops at EPFL too.