EPFL Mobility Plan


Mobility fund

As a support for the its sustainable mobility policy and as an answer to federal and cantonal authorities’ environmental goals, EPFL has decided to adapt parking fees, unchanged since 1991, and is rolling out an ambitious and innovative Mobility plan.

Negociated together with social and participative partners, the increases in parking rates supply a Mobility fund that finances support measures for the Mobility plan.


Public transport
  • A platform with the Direction of mobility and roads of the Canton Vaud (DGMR), public transport operators (TL and MBC), UNIL and EPFL, in order to reconcile supply and demand
  • Ongoing study of the electrified TL1 line’s extension from Lausanne railway station to the EPFL campus
  • New EPFL subsidies on monthly and annual Mobilis pass
  • Desynchronizing course schedules for EPFL and UNIL in order to cap rush hour peaks
 Soft mobility
  • Pay as you go system for green parking places per half day, day or month
  • Collaboration with Parkshare, an EPFL spin-off hosted at the EPFL Innovation Park (EIP), which is developing a pilot-projet to pool parking spaces for the EIP (yellow spaces, visitors, companies) and which could be extended to the campus
  • Progressive deployment of a network of electric terminals for charging hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Re-engineering of parking places according to the demand
Flexible forms of work


Between 2006 and 2016, the modal part of employees has decreased from 48% to 40% for individual motorized transport (cars and motorbikes), while the modal part increased for public transport (from 37% to 39%) and soft mobility (13% to 22%). Despite these positive results, the continuous growth of EPFL population during the same period has not led to a reduction in the number of vehicles in the parking lots and tends to saturate all road and rail transport networks. 

EPFL fully endorses the Confederation’s exemplary measures and is actively applying the set of 16 advocated measures

In strict enforcement of OPAIR (Clear Air Act), the canton of Vaud applies a restrictive policy for the granting of parking spaces (lower bracket of the VSS standards). EPFL benefits from a contingent of spaces negotiated in 2011 that will not evolve much over the coming years.