PubliBike (Lausanne, Sion and Fribourg)

There are six bike-sharing stations on the EPFL campus.

Students and staff members can register and get a free annual pass. It provides access to PubliBike’s new-generation network in Switzerland.

EPFL offers 60 minutes for free on each rental.

User guide



Register on myCAMIPRO. Passes are valid till end September. They must be renewed from year to year.


With iOS and Android app, you can register, rent a bike or e-bike and see at a glance where and how many bikes are available. Whenever and wherever you want to.


To open the lock: push the power button and place your CAMIPRO card on the reader.




You get 60 minutes for free every time you rent a bike. After those 60 minutes, you will be charged respectively 18 cts (bike) and 23 cts (e-bike) every minute.

End your ride

Park your bike at a station and close the lock. The ride is automatically terminated.


Lausanne-Morges network

Sion network

Fribourg network