EPFL Cargobikes

EPFL students and staff members can rent the first shared electric cargobikes in Switzerland, for up to 48 hours and for free. These cargobikes offer a true alternative to cars for material transport on the campus and around it.

This pilot project was made possible by a collaboration between EPFL Sustainable Campus, Donkey Republic and Tandem shops. The cargobikes are equipped with smart locks controlled through a smartphone app.


User guide

Before each use, do not forget to unplug the cargobike and please, do not leave the cable lying on the ground.

At the end of each use, the bikes have to be plugged in to the charging station and locked. Users will be held responsible in case of loss or damage.

Maximum load: 100kg. It is strictly forbidden to transport people.


For any question, please, check our FAQ.


Create your account

Install Donkey Republic app on your iOS or Android smartphone. On the “Profile” tab, create your account with your EPFL e-mail address.

Book your cargobike

When a cargobike is available, it appears on the map. Click on it, and follow the procedure. The app will ask you to create an account: use your EPFL e-mail address. The rental is free for 48 hours.

Unlock the cargobike with your phone

When you are close to the bike you rented, click on your rentals and on “Unlock”. The lock opens automatically after 5 seconds. Location services and bluetooth must be on.

Lock & unlock again and again for 48 hours

Push down the lock handle when you take a break, then click “Unlock” in the app when you’re ready to roll again.

Return to the pickup location

Before your rental period ends, bring your cargobike back to its pickup location and plug it in the charging station.

End your rental

Lock your bike at the pickup location and then click on “Return” and then “End Rental”. That’s it!