Bike parking

There are four types of bicycle racks located all around the campus. The BikePark (Vélostation) offers 324 secured parking spaces, accessible at all times with any CAMIPRO card.

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Two-storey racks

Two-storey racks double the scarcely-available areas for bike parking spaces. All of those racks are in sheltered locations.

User guide in French (PDF, 167 Ko)



Simple racks

Simple racks optimise the available space with a high/low alternance  of bicycle’s handlbars. An antitheft cable is available for every bicycle.




Carousel racks

Carousel racks save up space and rotate by 360°. The lifting system makes it easy to stow and get back bicycles.




Wall racks

Wall racks optimise available space. The lifting system facilitates raising and lowering operations.

User guide in French (PDF, 102 Ko)