Sustainability is part of EPFL’s Development plan for 2017-2020:

  • In the energy sector with the CEN, the EcoCloud center, TRACE and within the FSB with a concerted program on catalysis, EPFL Valais Wallis antenna (Energypolis) and EPFL Middle East
  • In the food sector with the CNU
  • In the natural resources sector with the LIMNC and within the IIE (hydrosphère, écosystèmes terrestres)
  • In the habitat sector, with EPFL Fribourg (smart living lab) and within ENAC with the IA (architecture and sustainability), laboratory HERUS or the competition Solar Decathlon
  • With the EssentialTech program and the CODEV
  • In the operations with landscaping (Parc Nature & Economie certificate) and Sustainable Campus unit


Energy, transportation and mobility, transferable skills



Innovations for a Sustainable Future, Gaz naturel, Distributed Electrical System Laboratory, Power Systems, Green Economy and Resource Governance



ecoinvent Centre, Competence Center Energy and Mobility, Competence Center Environment and Sustainability, Novatlantis



Competence Centers

Energy Center, Transportation Center, Cooperation and Development Center, Interdisciplinary Center for electron microscopy, EcoCloud


Interdisciplinary centers

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