Environment Commission

The EPFL Environment Commission is a consultative commission, created on July 3rd 2014. It assumes the following responsibilities:

  • Advising EPFL Executive Board,
  • Structuring and strengthening EPFL environmental management across disciplines
  • Improving the campus environmental performance and demonstrate leadership in this matter
  • Communicating internally and externally

The commission is chaired by the Vice-President for Human Resources and Operations (VPRHO). It is composed of the various EPFL managers in charge of environmental issues. It also has representatives of each EPFL Assembly group.


Etienne Marclay, chair, Vice-President for Human Resources and Operations VPRHO
Jean-Claude Berney, strategic projects evaluator at VPSI
Roland Deléchat, head of catering and shops
Eric Du Pasquier, safety prevention and health delegate
Pierre Gerster, delegate of real estate and infrastructures
François Gilliéron, head of services unit
Christophe Glaus, head of facilities servicev
Elvis Fontaine, head of procurement and purchasing unit
Stéphane Karlen, SV School safety coordinator
Christopher Roberts, energies manager
Philippe Vollichard, sustainability officer


EPFL Assembly representatives

Consuelo Antille (CAT, ENAC)
Ghali Chraibi (students, SC)
Caroline Vandevyver, (CE, REO)
Joël Teuscher (CI, STI)


Permanent guest

Frédéric Rauss, EPFL internal communications manager



Aurore Nembrini, sustainability manager