Philippe Vollichard, Aurore Nembrini, Luca Fontana

Philippe Vollichard (left) is in charge of EPFL Sustainable campus

Forest engineer by training (EPFZ/1980), his personal and professional paths are steeped in issues of sustainability. The first half of his career was entirely dedicated to promoting Swiss forest and timber in the multipurpose activity of coordinator, facilitator and communicator working for the indigenous wood sector. In 1995, he redirected his career at EPFL, holding several positions as administrator, yet always remaining deeply involved in the campus’s environmental management. Since 2008, he takes on the coordination of the sustainable development unit.

Aurore Nembrini (right) is Sustainability Manager

She coordinates several projects for the Sustainability Unit and is responsible for the University’s environmental management system. Aurore holds a master’s degree in environmental engineering from EPFL and a Master of Business Administration with a specialization in corporate social responsibility from Laval University. She joined the EPFL Sustainability Unit after 12 years of experience in environmental and sustainable management in Switzerland and Canada.

Luca Fontana (middle) deals with the aspects of a sustainable mobility on the EPFL campus

He holds a Master degree in Geosciences and Environnement, mention Sustainable urban planning, of the University of Lausanne. In March 2016, he has taken the major issues of mobility, including the annual survey of commuting. He concentres on the deployment of the EPFL Mobility Plan, including through the parking policy and incentives for public transport and soft mobility.

Fontana Luca Project Officer
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Nembrini Joerin Aurore Engineer
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Paglia Gianluca  
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Vollichard Philippe Deputy
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